My journey to more conscious eating.

Sweet and Sour Chicken

We eat this rice-less, obviously feel free to add it.  Broccoli or carrots would be other good veggies to add.  Additionally, I use pineapple when I have it or think to buy it at the store. Again, with the ginger juice, we just happened to have it.  You can substitute with 1/2 Tablespoon of grated... read more →

Spicy Peanut Dressing

I had an incredible peanut dressing at a restaurant recently.  A dressing that prompted me to inhale a ginormous salad full of goodness.  I’ve avoided peanuts since we started eating paleo, but if a dressing this tasty can get me back into eating more raw veggies, I needed more of it! I’ve used this on salads... read more →


Clearly, I’ve not been keeping up with this blog!  I’m endlessly creating in the kitchen, but the time and work it takes to perfect a recipe, photograph it, and write it up…well, it just clearly aint happenin’!  This blog was originally meant to simply be a catalog for my recipes, so I’m going back to that original... read more →

Tackling the Farmer’s Market

I have a confession.  Farmer’s Market’s have intimidated me.  Seriously, like going to a new gym!  I imagined very large crowds, people haggling, exchanging cash, corralling kids and dogs and carrying lots of things…whew, that is painful for me just to think about.  I imagined everyone would know just what they were doing and how... read more →