My journey to more conscious eating.

Swedish Meatballs

We are always looking for meals we can make a lot of at the beginning of the week and this one was perfect.  It was even better the next day. If you haven’t checked out Simply Recipes, you should. It is my go to site for any traditional dish.  I, of course, color outside the... read more →

Sweet and Sour Chicken

We eat this rice-less, obviously feel free to add it.  Broccoli or carrots would be other good veggies to add.  Additionally, I use pineapple when I have it or think to buy it at the store. Again, with the ginger juice, we just happened to have it.  You can substitute with 1/2 Tablespoon of grated... read more →

Spicy Peanut Dressing

I had an incredible peanut dressing at a restaurant recently.  A dressing that prompted me to inhale a ginormous salad full of goodness.  I’ve avoided peanuts since we started eating paleo, but if a dressing this tasty can get me back into eating more raw veggies, I needed more of it! I’ve used this on salads... read more →


Clearly, I’ve not been keeping up with this blog!  I’m endlessly creating in the kitchen, but the time and work it takes to perfect a recipe, photograph it, and write it up…well, it just clearly aint happenin’!  This blog was originally meant to simply be a catalog for my recipes, so I’m going back to that original... read more →